This is how things happen without your knowledge. You have that friend of yours whom you treasure too much. You are both employed and are earning that good salary. You have

dated for the last six months and are making progress towards moving in together in one year. You have introduced your friend to other friends of yours and have also expressed your intentions to be friends for life – now they respect and believe your commitment. Suddenly the worst happens: you discover that he/she has been married for the last one year. Your dreams are shattered, you are grappling with this new and nasty discovery, you feel wasted, abused and cheated. You hate the world, you hate yourself, you regret loving him/her and wasting your time and resources on them. Life seems nasty, nasty, nasty!!
Now, the next part of the story starts unfolding, you begin to feel useless, lazy, hopeless and sometimes hopeless. You start hating your work and sleep the whole day. If you happen to go to work, you behave weirdly, retort to anyone who crosses you the wrong way or for no apparent reason. You collea

gues tell you you have changed and something is wrong…you feel no one can really understand you…Soon the HR or your boss summons you and gives a warning! Because of that you say to yourself “I don’t give a damn” and quit the job. Now alcohol becomes the order of the day for you; you become a friend of the drug dealers, blah blah blah, if nothing happens; you die an alcoholic or commit suicide.

Don’t let it go to that! Tell your friends about your predicament and if they cannot help fully help you, look for a professional counsellor.


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