Do Your Suffer from Phobia? Relax, you can Deal with It!


What is Phobia? I know most of you would say it is an extreme fear. Whichever way you define it you already have an idea. The American Psychiatric Association explains fear as the normal response to a genuine or real danger. However, for the case of phobia, the fear is either irrational or excessive. A person may become unusually scared to a danger that is mostly imagined or unreasonably exaggerated. In simple terms, a phobia is a form of anxiety disorder. It is extreme and unfounded fear of something (or someone) that poses little or no real danger at all.

Imagine you were resting at Uhuru Park taking a nap. The clowns of Naswa Program in Citizen TV came and placed a plastic snake next to you and disappeared. Suspecting you were being robbed, you woke up and found a large snake next to you. What will be your reaction?

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